Good evening! I hope everyone is ready for Halloween! I had a wonderful time seeing the kiddos in their Halloween costumes.

Let the voting begin. PLEASE read ALL of the following information. We will email everyone their Halloween photos NEXT WEEK. It is very important that you follow all of the directions. So here is how the contest works:

  • You MUST have a FB account to vote (this is how we will verify the vote)
  • You will cast your vote on my blog (so on this page)
  • ENTRY # is located ABOVE the child’s photo

HOW TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE COSTUME: (you must complete all three steps for your vote to count)

  1. CLICK HERE to become a fan/like me on facebook. (if you are already a fan, skip to the next step)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this post and click on “COMMENTS” to leave a comment with your vote. Please include the number of the entry that you are voting for. (ENTRY # is above the photo)
  3. Copy this onto your facebook status to get family & friends to vote for your favorite costume: Please Vote for the cutest Halloween costume at .  Entry # (is located above the photo)

If ALL steps are not followed, the vote will NOT count. Limit 1 vote per person.  Winner will receive an 8×10 Print.(don’t worry if you don’t win, everyone will receive 4inx6in Digital Files of their Halloween images)  Contest ends Thursday, October  31st at Midnight (PST).  Winner will be announced Saturday, November 2nd. Happy voting. And parents are allowed to vote! (since some are siblings, we will be grouping them into one entry so that parents don’t have to choose a favorite between them)




















Wendhy Jeffers is a custom baby and child photographer.  She offers shoots in the Las Vegas & surrounding areas.  She offers studio and outdoor location sessions. Please call 702.335.5329 to schedule a Creative Design Consultation.

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140 Responses to “Check out our Annual Halloween Contest…”

  1. Ruthie Mummey says:

    Voting for Mila ( #14 ) – - and of course, I still think you’re a genius photographer! These Halloween images are adorable!

  2. Brenda Pearson says:

    #14 – SOOOOOO cute!

  3. Cynthia Compson says:

    They are all so cute! My vote is for #14!! Beautiful work!

  4. Deane Gonzales says:

    #10!!!! IS ADORABLE!! Loooooove her!

  5. jamie c says:

    I choose 9 for the cutest!!

  6. Miranda Lucero says:

    My vote is # 9!!!! Cutest kiddos ever!!!

  7. Carrie says:

    Oh my gosh, total cuteness for all of them. Love #3, of course.

  8. Sundown motel says:

    I vote for #9 Miss Molly

  9. Tina Barrera says:

    My vote is for # 9 so cute

  10. Rebecca says:

    Voting for my sweet niece Mila #14!!

  11. Joan says:

    I choose #8 two adorable princesses

  12. Sanaa says:

    Triple the cuteness in entry #15!!!

  13. Amber V says:

    My vote is for the adorable #2!! <3

  14. Sarah Dodson says:

    #14 such a cutie!

  15. Tameem Murtuza says:

    They’re all very cute but come on… TRIPLETS… #15 all the way!

  16. Elizabeth Carlson says:

    My vote is number 14 such cute photos

  17. jodi says:

    Im voting for mila #14 she is so adorable!
    Awesome Pictures!

  18. Lani Carrillo says:

    I <3 the princess #9 so i will vote for her – go #9

  19. Becky Miles says:

    They are all winners! Voted for #5.

  20. I vote for my nieces (#6)!!! Winnie & Lily Chung!! Too cute!!

  21. Yasmeen says:

    #15! Love the triplets!

  22. Jamie says:

    I vote #2! So adorable!! Great pictures of them all!!

  23. Nicole D says:

    I vote for #11 so cute!

  24. Grace says:

    #2 baby Kayla cutest lil Snow White

  25. Megan says:

    Voting for Molly # 9.

  26. Lauren Mortensen says:

    Wendhy this pics are to die! Love everyone of them! I have to vote #14 Miss Mila. Awesome work!

  27. debbie says:

    I vote for the cuties in #5

  28. Amrita says:

    No 14. She is gorgeous!!!!

  29. Lyndsay says:

    #1 all the way;) ? it!

  30. Haley K says:

    Entry #1 is my vote! Cutest lil Duck Dynasty.

  31. jim says:

    I vote for entry #1

  32. tina devlin says:

    I vote for Entry number 1

  33. Karen Purdy says:

    All of the children are too cute but the most adorable costume is #1…totally original!!!!

  34. Shanya says:

    #1 !!! Too cute !

  35. Roma Realica says:

    awww all the picsbare so adorable! Will have to pick #17! :)

  36. Tricia says:

    I would like to vote for my beautiful babies, entry #5.

  37. kim guidry says:

    I vote for #1, sooo cute!!

  38. Rachael Bennington says:

    My vote is for #1!!!! Go Cooper!!!

  39. Lynn says:

    Adorable! Love #1 – he gets my vote!

  40. Tina says:

    I vote for number 5!

  41. Gina says:

    My vote is for #5, love those 2 little babies!!!

  42. Vangie says:

    My vote is for the cuties in #6!

  43. Barb Steffens says:

    Oh, my gosh! They are all so cute! My vote is for #1.

  44. Anne Haymore says:

    I vote cutie #9

  45. Ynna says:

    #17 is so cute!

  46. Melanie says:

    I’m voting for number 5.

  47. Jenn says:

    Everyone is just adorable! Voting for my cutie pies in Entry #6!

  48. Juan Manriquez says:

    I really like picture #5 it is very creative and cute.

  49. Entry #5 is adorable and gets my vote!!

  50. Lance says:

    Love love love these two!!!!#5

  51. kim says:

    pretty babies #5

  52. yolanda says:

    I vote for #5 pretty babies

  53. Christen says:

    Voted for number 9!!! <3

  54. Lisa Dunn says:

    I vote for Cooper #1. That’s a great costume.

  55. April Marie says:

    #6 for sure! Cutest ever!

  56. Perla V says:

    My vote is #2 for the cutest Snow White :)

  57. paul says:

    I am voting for #6 please!

  58. Carl Cunningham says:

    All are adorable but number 5

  59. Adora Realica says:

    Voting for # 17 the cutest of them all !!!

  60. Kevin and Judy Barnett says:

    #3! The Super Heroes!

  61. Trudy says:

    I vote for entry #6!!!

  62. I vote for #17. A very cute little jungle girl! Very creative and unique concept. Costume looks custom-made complete with headband and hair accessories, armband and anklet fashioned from materials that resemble animal hide and bones.

  63. Rebecca Cortez Natividad says:

    My vote is for #6 cutest and most adorable.

  64. #2 is by far the cutest baby ever made in the civilization of the world

  65. Jen Smith says:

    I vote for entry #1!

  66. Arai Rachel says:

    Harper is the most cutest Halloween costume…. My vote is #17

  67. Kim says:

    Wonderful photos! My vote is #9. Darling!

  68. Lisserr says:

    #2 is sooo cute!!!!!! Luv her!!!!!

  69. Rebecca says:

    I vote #5 <3
    Peter Pan theme all the way!!! :D

  70. Dafne says:

    My vote is for Entry #2

  71. Raeida says:

    #2 cutest snow white ever!

  72. Sue DuFresne says:

    My vote is for #5. Love them all, but #5 by far!!

  73. Lubna says:

    My vote is #15!!! Sooooo adorable!!

  74. Celina says:

    #14 cute little baby lamb

  75. Sara Siddiqui says:

    #15 all the way!

  76. Theville says:

    I vote for #15! The triplets are soooo cute!!!

  77. Zaid says:

    I vote for #15, Emaan, Musa, and Noor

  78. Janna says:

    Voting for the cutest of them all…Entry #17!!

  79. Win says:

    Have to vote for #6!

  80. charla says:

    #14!! Mila :-)

  81. Mariam says:

    I vote for # 15!

    The Abubabies are the cutest mA!!! :)

  82. Elisa Slider says:

    Entry #5. So adorable!!!

  83. Oanh says:

    My vote is for #6!

  84. leah kim says:

    I’m voting for #6!!
    So cute!!!

  85. Kim says:

    #14…Mila is so beautiful!!

  86. Farah says:

    The trips are the best! Entry #15!

  87. Nazia Khan says:

    I vote for #15! Cutest triplet babies :)

  88. tahseen faruqi says:

    Vote for entry 15 the cutest triplets

  89. Moh says:

    The babies in Entry #15 are absolutely adorable!!

  90. Asma Khan says:

    #15 triplets are adorable!! My vote for #15 please.

  91. Michelle Lombardo says:

    Vote for #1!!!!!!!

  92. Lauren says:

    Love all the photos. Such a great job Wendhy! I have to vote #14 Miss Mila. Thanks for taking your time to so this

  93. Justina Stagg says:

    # 14!!!!! such a DOLL!!

  94. Jas says:

    I vote for the #6 babies.

  95. Iman says:

    #15 is definitely the cutest of the bunch!

  96. Michelle says:

    I vote for my adorable nephew entry #1.

  97. Somera Khan says:

    thhey are all soooo cute! i vote for entry#15

  98. Amy Ho says:

    #14 Mila Mortensen

  99. marlene zeron says:

    Voting for #6. So cute…

  100. O J says:

    so cute!!

  101. James says:

    Love that #14 so much!!!!

  102. hadia says:

    i think entry #15 should win!

  103. SFSiddiqui says:

    Nothing beats #15! <3

  104. Jace Stagg says:

    I vote for Mila #14!

  105. Butch Bianco says:

    I vote for #1 … Would like to vote for all of them, but my final decision is #1

  106. Louann says:

    Voteing for number 1

  107. Tiauna says:

    #7 has my vote! Cutest little Jesse and Woody ever! Thank you Wendhy for capturing Lilly and Landon’s adorableness!!! <3

  108. penelope neil says:

    #7 love those cuties!

  109. Patrick Waterbury says:

    Awwww #7 those two are the cutest ever, You captured them perfectly, Thank You !

  110. Robin waterbury says:

    I might be a biased so my vote has to go for two the cutest little Jesse and Woody #7. Thank you Wendy for great pictures as usual. Still enjoy my pictures from you as well.

  111. Gwen Mintken says:

    They are all adorable but my vote goes to Entry #7

  112. Mareva says:

    #7!!! Lilly and Landon, cutest Jesse and Woody!!!

  113. Abby says:

    #6!!! They are so cute and adorable!!!

  114. Kat Waterbury says:

    # 7 Lilly and Landon

  115. Brandy Griffin says:

    #7 Lilly and Landon are so cute!!!

  116. Maria Nancy Budomo says:

    I vote for #17! :)

  117. Deandra Chirpac says:

    Number 7!!! Please and thank you!

  118. Paul M says:

    I vote for Entry #7 (Lilly & Landon)

  119. Thomas says:

    I vote for # 7 Your work is really good…

  120. aisha says:

    I vote for #4!! :)

  121. Shawna Dawson says:

    All the kids look amazing…. But I pick #9 Snow White……..

  122. Tia says:

    I vote for the beautiful boys in #4!

  123. Hereiti Wilkes says:

    Entry #7. ?My favorite Halloween cutie pies !!!

  124. I vote for #7 Landon and Lilly

  125. Alex says:

    #7 Landon and Lilly- Cute kids

  126. Blair Mummey says:

    I would like to vote for number 14 thank you

  127. James Mortensen says:

    Great photos. My choice is sweet little mila #14. Thank You

  128. Max Davis says:

    my vote is #14. Great work on all the photos

  129. Mark Johnson says:

    My vote is for #14

  130. Kokub says:

    Love #15! Such cuties!!

  131. Monica Williams says:

    #14. Such cute pictures!

  132. Cortnie S says:

    My vote is for #7

  133. Jessica Rayz says:

    #7!!! So cute and well done!!

  134. Victoria Kinoshita says:

    I vote for entry #6!!!!

  135. Julie Brown says:

    Number 7, they are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Fatima says:

    #15!!! Cutest Triplets EVER!

  137. Pat &Nel McCourt says:

    Voting for Mila #14 she is adorable.

  138. Safinaz says:

    #15!!! Those triplets are so darn cute!!

  139. Amy Holt says:

    My vote is for #6!! :) )

    Love your work!! You are truly talented!! Can you please contact me with details on packages or etc? I would love a session for my baby girl, Hana. :) Thank you so much!

  140. Waheeda says:

    #15. Absolutely cute. Each one has an individual expression inspite of being triplets. Dopey! Smug!! Smiley!!!

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